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"Afternoon With The Amish"

New and exciting "taste" of the area tour... EXCLUSIVE to Amish Neighbors Tours!

We are proud to have been given the exclusive rights to work at the "Dutchie Fisher Farm" (now the Lapp's) again. Don't miss this incredible tour that will take you inside a real Amish farmhouse to actually meet with Anna Fisher Lapp and her family and even enjoy a snack!

There are several different options for this tour that you can choose from depending on your group's specific needs and wants:

Option #1 - Our guide will escort your group inside the house to visit with the family. Anna and the girls will make some snacks and drinks for you while you learn about the family and the Amish way of life.

Option #2 - Our guide will take your group on a quick "walk through" of the first floor of the Lapp's home after which Anna and the children will come on to the bus and answer questions while selling some special mementos of the family home.

Option #3 - Our guide will make a stop alongside the fence outside the Lapp home. Anna and/or the children will come out to the bus and sell their cookbooks and other mementos.

Click HERE to learn more about the fascinating history of the "Dutchie Fisher Farm"

There is limited availability for these packages and many dates are selling out already so make your reservations quickly. Don't miss out on seeing the home tourists have been photographing for years!

Available ONLY THROUGH Amish Neighbors Tours! Call us for pricing and to make reservations today!

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